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  • No power compensation method

    日期:2014-08-20 12:44:37

    The general method of low voltage reactive power compensation:
    1 random compensation

    Random compensation is the low voltage capacitor group and the motor is connected, through the control, protection device and the motor, at the same time switching. No power consumption random compensation for compensation of the motor, to compensate the magnetic non power based, this way can effectively limit the rural non power peak load.

    The advantages of random compensation is: electrical equipment operation, no power compensation input, electric equipment outages, compensation equipment also quit, but does not require frequent adjustment of compensation capacity. Has the advantages of less investment, small space occupation, easy installation, configuration is convenient and flexible, simple maintenance, accident rate is low.

    The 2 follower compensation

    With the transformer compensation refers to the low voltage capacitor connected to the two side of the distribution transformer by low-pressure insurance, compensation to compensation of distribution transformer no-load reactive power. Distribution transformer in the light load or no-load only when the reactive load is the main load of excitation transformer without power, distribution transformer no-load reactive power is the main part of the rural non reactive load to light load, transformer, this part of the loss accounted for a large proportion of the power supply, which leads to an increase in electricity price, is not conducive to the same network the price of electricity.

    With the advantages of transformer compensation is: simple wiring, convenient maintenance and management, can effectively compensate the distribution transformer no-load reactive power, restricting rural no power base, make the parts of wattless power balance, so as to improve the utilization rate of distribution transformer, reduce the reactive power loss, high efficiency, is one of the most current compensation without work effective means.

    3 tracking compensation

    Tracking compensation refers to the compensation of wattless power switching device as the control protection device, the compensation of low voltage capacitor compensation in the user on a 0.4kV bus. With a dedicated 100kVA applicable to the above variable user, can replace the random, with the two kinds of compensation method, the compensation effect is good.
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